Registered Series

Core Fit


Let’s get back to the basics.

Your body went through some incredible transformations during your pregnancy! Your entire core system shifted to make room for your baby (or babies!) and now is settling back into its new postpartum normal position.

This class is designed to help you reconnect with this system that incorporates your abdominal, pelvic floor, and low back muscles. By increasing your understanding of how they work together, you will learn how to maximize efficiency when firing and relaxing this system and why both are equally important!

This 5-week registered series is perfect for anyone who is newly postpartum or who would like to learn techniques to properly and effectively connect with their core.

[virtual offering]

Wednesdays @ 1 - 2pm MST

May 27 - June 24

Investment $100 +GST

[Zoom link will be sent prior to first class]

Workshops & Seminars

Upcoming workshops and seminars currently postponed due to COVID-19.