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Fit Your Life offers fitness classes for women at very special times in their lives. We want to assist you in finding or reconnecting with your fitness journey by discovering something that inspires you! Pregnancy and motherhood are often times in our lives where exercise is forgotten or falls off the priority list. Your health is vital in you being the best mom, wife, partner, friend, and woman you can be!

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We are prenatal and postpartum fitness specialists who want to see you become the strongest version of yourself as you enter or rediscover yourself along this journey of motherhood. We are trained to assess and test for certain pregnancy and birth related injuries, as well as provide safe and effective modifications to help you heal and recover! In all classes, we focus on connecting breath with movement to maximize efficiency and muscle firing with every exercise. 

What makes us different?

Within a group class setting, we provide individualized attention to your specific needs. Each woman is at a different stage of her fitness journey and we want to ensure that you are getting the safest and most effective workout for where you are today! Prenatal Fit will help you connect with your ever-changing body while you mentally and physically prepare for the marathon of birth. Mom & Me Fit classes allow you to exercise alongside your Littles as they look up to you as the healthy role model you are. Family Fit welcomes spouses to join along for the fun and connect with other families in similar stages of life. 

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