Class Schedule


9am All About Balance

10am Mom & Me Fit

11am Core Fit (registered series November 5 - 26)

6pm Hypopressives (registered series October 15 - November 5)

7:30pm Prenatal Fit


9:30am FYL Blast (until November 20)

10:30am Mom & Me Fit  (until November 20)

11:30am Mom & Baby Yoga  (until November 20)

*starting November 27: 9:30am Fit Mom Yoga (all ages of Littles welcome!)

                                          10:30am Mom & Baby Yoga

7pm Prenatal Fit

8pm Mom Life


9am Mom & Me Fit (until November 21)

10am Mom Life (until November 21)

11am All About Balance (until November 21)

*starting November 28: 10am Mom Life

6:30pm Prenatal Yoga (until November 24)

*starting November 7: 6pm Prenatal Yoga

                                        7:15pm Fit Mom Yoga


9:30am FYL Blast

10:30am Mom & Me Fit

6pm All About Balance (*Littles welcome!)

7pm Prenatal Fit

8pm FYL Blast


10am All About Balance

11am Mom Life


9am Family Fit

10am Family Fit


Please note that our schedule is subject to change. Confirm on MindBody for any possible cancelations or substitutions.

Littles of all ages are welcome to all daytime classes (+ 6pm Thursday All About Balance).

Mom & Baby Yoga is meant for babies 8 weeks to crawling.

Evening classes are reserved for you to take time for yourself and enjoy an uninterrupted workout. 


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