Registered Series

Core Fit


Let’s get back to the basics.

Your body went through some incredible transformations during your pregnancy! Your entire core system shifted to make room for your baby (or babies!) and now is settling back into its new postpartum normal position.

This class is designed to help you reconnect with this system that incorporates your abdominal, pelvic floor, and low back muscles. By increasing your understanding of how they work together, you will learn how to maximize efficiency when firing and relaxing this system and why both are equally important!

This 4-week registered series is perfect for anyone who is newly postpartum or who would like to learn techniques to properly and effectively connect with their core.

Fridays | October 25 - November 15 @ 12 - 1pm

Mondays| November 25 - December 16 

@ 6:15 - 7:15pm

[non-mobile babies welcome

Intro to Hypopressives


Join Liz (MScPT, BScKin, ACC, CSEP-CPT) for this informative and empowering 5-week registered series. 

Hypopressives are a form of low-pressure fitness to retrain the body’s core mechanism using a form of postures and breath work. They capitalize on using the whole body’s fascial system to recruit muscles of the pelvic floor, abdominal wall and respiratory diaphragm so that they work synergistically and automatically.

This 5-week series  is designed to retrain the inner core so that there is an increase in muscle tone to help treat and prevent low back pain, postural dysfunctions, and pelvic health dysfunctions including incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. It is suitable for women of all stages of life. 

Mondays | September 9 - October 7 @ 5 - 6pm

Mondays | September 9 - October 7 @ 6:15 - 7:15pm (FULL)

Workshops & Seminars

Mom Guilt – It’s a Slippery Little Sucker!


Join Lauren Wiles; Psychologist, MC, RPsych in this interactive seminar on working through something we all face as moms.

What mom hasn’t been inundated with the infamous MOM GUILT? The message behind MOM GUILT is generally telling us to be better at ALL aspects of our life ALL the time . The tricky thing about this messaging is that most of us moms are burning the candles at both ends. That isn’t to say we don’t enjoy juggling the various roles requested of us, it is just to say that from time to time, the constant juggle can take a toll.

When it is one of those times, where we are feeling the weight, the exhaustion, the worry that we don’t in fact GOT THIS… the “you should be doing better” messaging is particularly dangerous. I would like to spend a little time exploring why we need to be picky about what we adopt as truth in terms of the world’s messaging about us moms and provide some strategies we can immediately implement that will challenge its validity. This learning is aimed to u-turn the energy we spend worrying about not doing good enough, back into honouring and celebrating our efforts.

Ideally we will spend about 30-40 minutes together making this a 1 hour door to door commitment of your time. I promise you will laugh and I hope you will leave feeling a little lighter, with a few tools to combat what doesn’t serve you.

November 17 @ 2 - 3pm

This workshop is $5 to attend.

Please bring cash to give to Lauren when you arrive.  

Prenatal Partner Yoga


Expecting mothers go through so many amazing changes, growing a little life. Birth partners are often eager to be involved in this process, but might not know how.

Join Lindsey in this workshop where partners will connect through yoga postures, simple touch and massage, and meditation. Partners will explore comfort and breath techniques to assist in the discomforts of pregnancy, as well as through labor and delivery.

October 5 @ 3 - 4:30pm

$50 +GST per couple

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