The FYL Team

Kellie Willie

Kellie is the owner of Fit Your Life, a Registered Nurse, in Labour and Delivery, a Certified Exercise Physiologist, a Pre- and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, a wife, and a mom of two. She has worked in the fitness industry since 2006, training women in all stages of life. In 2015, Kellie started Fit Your Life, which offers prenatal and postpartum fitness classes tailored to helping women during this special time in their lives.

Kellie, her husband, and their young daughters enjoy being active as a family - running, hiking, working out, practicing yoga, skiing, and biking. Kellie’s passion for prenatal exercise increased during her own pregnancies, as she enjoyed being physically active right up until the days her babies were born. Her caesarean birth recoveries were comfortable, thanks to her prenatal workouts, and she was back into her fitness routine quickly. 

Kellie strives to inspire others to make their health a priority and enjoy the journey towards the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

Jamie Straker

Jamie’s journey into the fitness profession began with earning her bachelor degrees in both science and education. While we she was tasked with teaching elementary students’ skills from division to the literary classics, it wasn’t until she began an afterschool running program and volunteered to plan and execute the town’s first triathlon that she knew she had found her true calling. Jamie has always been involved in volleyball, basketball and swimming but gradually her pursuits changed to include overall fitness; yoga, running, triathlons accompanied by a healthful diet. When taking on new fitness challenges, Jamie would and continues to encourage friends and family to join in, sharing her passion with others.

Since becoming a mom in 2014, Jamie has been drawn to using the skills she acquired in education to help other women become the best and healthiest version of themselves. Knowing how fitness has shaped her life, Jamie knows the benefits and aspires to make your journey to a healthy life a fun and empowering one.

Jamie has recently earned her CanFit Pro Group Fitness Instructor certification (taking the final test while nearly 8 months pregnant!) and looks forward to working, encouraging and having fun alongside you.

Erin Wright

Erin is fitness enthusiast with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s Degree in Pubic Health (Health Policy and Management). Erin is a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP) and is excited to add the Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist to her repertoire. Erin has worked in fitness since 2001 and has experience working clients across the lifespan, from children and youth to high performance athletes and older adults. 

Erin enjoyed being active from a young age, including playing sports, enjoying the great outdoors, and helping others reach their fitness goals. Her and her husband Daniel, recently welcomed their first child and they enjoy being active as a family. Because fitness has always been a big part of her life, Erin hopes to inspire women during pregnancy and post-partum to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. Erin is very excited to join the Fit Your Life team and inspire other mom-to-be’s, mothers, and women get active and have a little fun with sweating.

Kristin Dogterom (Constantinoff)

Kristin has a Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy Degree and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Certified Athletic Therapist and MOC Barre Method Instructor. Kristin loves being physically active. As a teen, she played volleyball, basketball and competitive soccer; now she keeps active by hiking, running, swimming, resistance training, practicing yoga . . . and playing mini hockey with her son. As an Athletic Therapist, Kristin has a keen interest in body mechanics and loves teaching her clients specific exercises that help improve posture, increase overall function and reduce risk of injury. Kristin has enjoyed working in all aspects of health and wellness including injury prevention, assessment and treatment, corporate wellness, group and individual exercise prescription, fitness classes, and occupational fitness testing. After becoming pregnant with her son, Kristin became fascinated about the pre/postnatal body and the benefits that she experienced because of her high degree of physical activity. Kristin is a proud mama to her son, Barrett, and puppy, Zoe, and wife to her amazing hubby, Wyatt. She loves finding ways to be active and outside with her little fam! Kristin is thrilled to join the Fit Your Life team and this amazing community of women empowering women.